Loan for Farmers

Loan for Farmers

Loan for Farmers

  • Loan for farmers will help you to purchase raw materials for season’s agricultural work and perform all necessary activities on time!

Assess the benefits

  • The financing is available when it is most needed
  • Loan amount depends on household financial and operational results
  • Fast evaluation
  • Repayment within the year when the harvest is sold
  • Up to 150 000 EUR without additional collateral

The path to get your loan

Submit the documents
Fill in loan application document and prepare the required other documents. Define the amount of money necessary for your seasonal works and how you plan to repay the loan.

Receive a proposal
We will evaluate your application within 3 working days.

Sign the agreement
Sign the loan agreement and, if required, security agreement. Receive the money and start your seasonal works!

Necessary documents

  • Filled  farmers’ loan application
  • Financial report for the previous year and operational results
  • You may also be requested to provide additional details and/or documents

Ensure your sowing work effectively!

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