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NB! As of 11.09.2019 is completely discontinued an opportunity to log in and make payments in Internet-bank and mobile bank by:

Code cards GO3 calculators
  • Please, be aware that Smart-ID is only accessible to users of Luminor|DNB Internet-bank as well as Luminor customers after the data migration
  • If you still don’t have code calculator Digipass 260/270, you can acquire it at our Customer Service Centres. See price under the Pricelist
  • If you already have code calculator Digipass 260/270 download Smart-ID yourself.
  • If you use eSignture, find out more here.

Why choose Smart-ID?

  • Easy to use – only two PIN codes are needed. The one for login and the other for confirming operations
  • Only smartphone and internet connection is needed
  • Download and use is free of charge
  • Safe and secure – secret PIN codes created by you and your personal smartphone is used

How to get a Smart-ID account?

How to log in to Luminor|DNB Internet bank by Smart‑ID after data migration?

Luminor|DNB Internet-bank and mobile bank authentication tools


  • Simple and secure way to authenticate yourself online 
  • You can use it with your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Great code card alternative for smart phone users 
  • It is for free

Code calculator

  • Secure way to log into your Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
  • Code card alternative if you don’t have a smart phone
  • Price – according to the price list

 Digipass 270. Usage instruction

Security comes first

  • Generate and remember Smart-ID PIN codes! Your Smart-ID PIN codes are not maintained in the bank’s system and you are the only one to know them.
  • Do not disclose your Smart-ID PIN codes to anybody! Remember that the bank will never ask you for it.
  • Enter PIN codes in your Smart-ID application only in case you have initiated the transaction, which needs approval.
  • Prior to the transaction make sure that the control code in your Smart-ID application tallies with the transaction control code you want to confirm!

How to create Smart-ID account?


Download the app



Create your Smart-ID account by using code calculator Digipass 260/270 


Log in

Log in to Luminor | DNB Internet Bank or Mobile Bank and select the login method – Smart-ID



Use one of the easiest, fastest and safest ways to authenticate yourself online


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Keep your current authentication methods!

  • If you have lost or unintentionally deleted Smart-ID application you can resume its use after repeated downloading, first logging in to the internet-bank by code calculator Digipass 260/270 or eSignature for authentication purposes

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Smart-ID FAQ

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